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No IAS in Tacview with F-86


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Tacview (1.6) shows no IAS in my flight recordings while in the F-86. In other modules (A-10C, P51, UH-1H) the IAS is recorded. A bug in the F-86 module?


Tacview shows "Tacview 1.5" as recording device. Is there something wrong with the installation/integration in DCS?

DCS:A-10C / DCS:Ka-50 / DCS:UH-1H / DCS:Mig21bis / DCS:P-51D / DCS:Mi-8MTV2 / DCS:Fw190D9 / DCS:Bf109K4 / DCS:C-101EB / DCS:L-39C / DCS:F-5E / DCS:Spitfire LF Mk. IX / DCS:AJS37

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