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My friend cant get out of the spectator side into the mission on MP


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Hello folks,


My friend and I have been scratching our heads multiple times over this, to the point where I just had to ask the question in the forums..


My friend and i simply want to do some dogfighting between ourselves to get the hang of it, without anoying other people's servers.


So i create a server of my own, he finds it, gets in ( i maid a little mission so he and i can select a plane either red or bleu) but somehow he cant select a plane in the mission side and keeps being stuck in the spectator field.


I have FC3 and he only has DCS world, the planes in the mission i have selected is the F15 for myself and the SU-25T for him (caus he only got DCS world at this point, he will buy FC3 by the end of this week)


Does it have anything to do with the fact that he doesn't own FC3 or any other extra module? or am I doing something wrong with creating the missions?


We have tried other existing co-op missions with just the su-25 as well to test if it was a mission/difference in module's issue, but he just can't get in a plane...nore in any other mission. I know he ain't dumb so I know he does the right thing (and its as easy as a mouse click we all know) on his side, but somehow he can't join in.


Does anybody know what the issue might be? Any idea's?



And I am also looking for a simple dogfighting mission whith multiple aircraft options to choose from as well, red vd bleu so if anybody has something they want to share, I would be very thankfull :)

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He can see each item in the team menu throughout the spectator menu. I tried several client settings, su-25, su25t, unarmed P51...i tried each and every module that comes with DCS world.


he can see it all, even the F-15 clients aircraft, but he can't select anything....Its like he is blocked from playing multiplayer and restricted to being a spectator...


he only has DCS world (as I invited him), and i know for sure he didn't try to pirate module's if that could have been an issue.


#edit# Maybe I am doing something wrong creating a mission...can anybody perhaps share a MP Mission with these requested specs (if it aint too much of a hassle of course):


Red vs Bleu (me vs my friend)

Red should be able to select an SU-25T from DCS world

Bleu should be able to select anything from FC3 (if the DCS world owner can see it, other wise also the SU-25T)

Mission: dogfight eachother to the bare end and land at the designated airport.

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Please don't laugh at me if I seriously overloocked something :P


That won't happen: We've all been there :)

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Version discrepancy perhaps?



Fat T is above, thin T is below. Long T is faster, Short T is slower. Open triangle is AWACS, closed triangle is your own sensors. Double dash is friendly, Single dash is enemy. Circle is friendly. Strobe is jammer. Strobe to dash is under 35 km. HDD is 7 times range key. Radar to 160 km, IRST to 10 km. Stay low, but never slow.

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