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DCS 1.2.10 Updates


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  • ED Team

DCS World 1.2.10 32095 Update 1

With the release of DCS: MiG-21bis by Leatherneck Simulations, we have also release Update 1 of DCSW 1.2.10. In addition to supporting the release of DCS: MiG-21bis by Leatherneck Simulations, our other purpose of this update is to update the DCS: F-86F Sabre and DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora modules.


Change Log 1.2.10 Update 1


DCS World

  • Corrected AI skill possibilities.
  • Corrected an exhaust nozzle animation of aircraft in multiplayer.
  • The rocket launcher B8V20 is updated.


DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Corrected mission Su-27-Sukhoi Surprise-Coop4.miz
  • Su-33: Corrected landing gear struts closure after take-off in multiplayer.


DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • Flight dynamics corrected. Stabilizer to rudder influence.
  • Added panel and sight shaking.
  • Added windshield damage.
  • The SC50 bombs can be released after rearming.
  • Input scripts corrected.
  • Added input command for MG131 machineguns fire, separately of MG151 guns.
  • EZ42 Gun Sight improvements. Gunsight power switch (on right side of gunsight) it function was to switch on/off both gyroscopes not the whole gunsight.
  • EZ42 Gun Sight improvements. Both gyroscopes need approximately 1.5 min to get right lead calculation. So they must be switch on in advance before fight.
  • The cockpit light intensity is corrected.
  • Radio Power consumption is reduced.
  • Magnetos bug is fixed.
  • Gun’s heating model is adjusted.
  • Engine’s minimum RPM is adjusted.
  • Tail gear lock mechanism bug is fixed.
  • Speed indicator is corrected.



  • Excessive oxygen consume is fixed.
  • IFF is on at cold start is fixed.
  • Cockpit canopy operation and repair are fixed.
  • Wrong pressure instrument readings during descent is fixed.
  • External drop tanks not feeding the engine is fixed.
  • Added new canopy 3D model.
  • AIM-9B data and model corrected.
  • Corrected description in Encyclopedia.
  • Corrected cockpit and external 3D models.
  • AIM-9 tone remains after switching from missiles to gun is fixed.
  • Unstable lock on target above the horizon is fixed.
  • Joystick buttons assignment is fixed.
  • Hydraulic system failure influence on landing gear extension/retraction is fixed.
  • Corrected nose wheel steering behaviour.
  • Kneeboard point name are fixed.
  • Mission briefing/kneeboard waypoint discrepancy is fixed.
  • Corrected attitude indicator model and operation.
  • Radio compass indicator model errors are fixed.
  • AN5760 altimeter errors are fixed.
  • Updated sounds.
  • Weapon input corrected.
  • Rocket jettison operation corrected.
  • FFB effect disappearing after player crashes and restores is fixed.
  • Engine oil pressure dependency of altitude is fixed.
  • Player hypoxia corrected.
  • Lighting Panel is fixed.
  • Input scripts corrected.
  • Incockpit hints corrected.
  • Trim speed is decreased.
  • A-4 Sight - Input Settings improvements.
  • Added input category AN/ARC-27 UHF Radio.
  • Added input category AN/APX-6 IFF Transponder.
  • Added input category AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass.
  • Joystick button No.5 has duplicate assignment in default Easy profile is fixed.
  • Corrected some switches animation logic.
  • Corrected landing gear sequence animation.
  • Added engine’s compressor stall.



  • Corrected IFF audio/light, Flare Counter Reset, Chaff Counter Reset switch logic.


  • Autopilot fixed.

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  • ED Team

Dear all,


We deeply apologize about the problems you are encountering with the new update; it certainly should not have been released in its current state. We did however learn a few valuable lessons that will benefit future releases and our staff is hard a work on a solution.


On a very positive note, we would like to congratulate Leatherneck Simulations on the release of MiG-21bis. We are proud to have them as a partner and we look forward working with them on many more projects!



Matt and the Eagle Dynamics Team

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  • ED Team

DCS 1.2.10 Update 2


We fixed two very annoying bugs that arrived with update 1 (campaign progress and player switching to other aircraft).

Also, there was included a several minor corrections.


Change Log 1.2.10 32275 Update 2


DCS World

  • Fixed lost of progress in campaign after update
  • Fixed bug when player at start mission switching to aircraft with random skill instead assigned aircraft
  • Fixed server crash on Radio.dll in multiplayer
  • Fixed crash in multiplayer mode when uses Oculus Rift device
  • Added missing picture of MiG-15Bis in encyclopedia for RU and DE version
  • Added missing textures of BTR-80 for Ukraine and Georgia


DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-27/33, MiG-29. The numbers of waypoint on cockpit display now are same as ME

DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • Fixed: With wings or ailerons off, FW190 has roll controllability
  • Added English training missions
  • Added Russian quick start missions
  • Added Czech quick start and single missions


DCS Black Shark

  • HUD will be repairable


Update 2 is available in Open Beta today and will be in main version tomorrow.

Edited by Chizh


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  • ED Team

DCS 1.2.10 Update 3


This update is dedicated to DCS MiG-21bis module.


Change Log Update 3


DCS MiG-21bis


First Phase of Performance Improvements:


– Improved graphical performance by batching materials.

– Reduced Cockpit VRAM footprint by 30%

– Reduced Triangle Count in Cockpit by 20%.

– Built new, 5-Stage LoD meshes with diminishing geometry and texture load.


  • Redefined payload to utilize the Eagle Dynamics R-60M
  • Fixed R-60M and R-60A warehouse listing
  • Tuned SAU Landing Modes
  • Improved SAU recovery mode to avoid 0g (Engine Stall) situations.
  • Implemented common keybind for SPS-141 and ASO countermeasures release.
  • Fixed engine stop when fuel pumps are off
  • Fixed all stations firing unguided rockets.
  • Fixed ASP gunsight for S-24 and Grom payloads.
  • Fixed canopy lock after refit.
  • SAU Stabilize mode: implemented hold attitude button & filtered stick inputs.
  • Corrected several input issues (doubling, incorrectly labeled)
  • Added multiple joystick axes for custom mapping.
  • Added high AoA shake (regardless of cockpit shake setting level)
  • Taxiing and Braking now more restrictive.
  • Implemented Tyre damage in case of high-speed braking without engaging ABS.
  • Fixed Landing Lights OFF/ON sharing same keyboard input.
  • Fixed SPRD-99 Visual Effects.
  • Fixed missing tooltips.
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip localization (EN in RU, etc.)
  • Fixed front SPO-10 coverage area overlap.
  • Fixed R-60 missiles being torn off their hard-points.
  • Fixed cockpit lights being stuck in ON or OFF states.
  • Updated RU, EN, CN, SRB manuals
  • Fixed Flare drop sound being played without flares being available.
  • Fixed RSBN Needle Flickering
  • Fixed incorrect Mach indication.
  • Fixed side-ways nose-cone movement (introduced in Update #2)
  • Corrected triple fuel tank (800L + 2x 400L) capability.
  • Corrected various missions, mission images, and mission text.
  • Added destroyed “hulk” model and textures.
  • Temporarily removed Tactical Numbering (pending performance improvement)
  • Improved various cockpit textures.
  • Fixed black pylons on outer wing fuel tanks

Edited by Chizh


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