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Dynamic campaign generator

Raven Morpheus

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Not sure if anyone has posted about this before so I thought I'd do so.


I'd like to see a dynamic campaign generator along the lines of that which is available in IL2 1946.


Currently I'm working my way (slowly) through the UH-1H campaign (I'm on mission 6) and (unsuccessfully so far) through some of the Ka-50 campaigns, I may get around to the A-10C campaign(s) when/if I can learn the weapons/nav systems properly.


Once I'm done with those scripted campaigns however there is no reason for me to use the DCS modules I currently have unless the community make more campaigns (or I learn to myself).


And that is even truer of newer modules such as the P-51D or F86 that I have considered buying - aside from additional user made single missions, and learning the planes (which I kind of know already from IL2 1946) there's nothing really to do with them.


I'm sure many of you will say "but we've got the mission generator and mission editor" but to me that's just not the same in my opinion as a proper dynamic campaign generator.

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A dynamic campaign has been brought up approximately four hundred thousand five hundred and fifty seven times..... :) You're not the only one who would love one. There is always online play for a different experience to keep you coming back after you finish. Or learn the mission editor and have fun with your own creations! :)

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Not sure if anyone has posted about this before so I thought I'd

use the search function first.

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