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change inital weapons amount


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Well thanks to the mig-21s nuclear bombs shenanigans, I got pretty annoyed when I noticed I'd have to go and change the initial weapons amount to something higher than 100 for each weapon on each airfield, just so I could remove the nuclear bombs, and still have more than a 100 weapons of whatever.

Not a very fun way to spend the afternoon, I'm sure you'll agree.


Well after some searching (emperor bless notepad++) I tracked down the file that sets the default amount


Its located here

DCS World\Config\AirportsEquipment.lua


The LA class controls the amount of planes, while the weapons class controls the amount of weapons set in the resource manager by default.


just change the initialAmount = 100, line to whatever (I set it to 19000 for fun, and it loaded into the game, so no issue there I guess)

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