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so i was told about this super awesome game so i downloaded DCS and i purchased FC3 and was gona buy some more due to sale but when i loaded the game it would disappear to desktop, says DCS is still running, i cannot get the window to maximize, its only when i right click then close DCS that it pops back up with the HUD loading screen, loads, then says briefing couldnt be open, i followed the troubleshoots, i was able to get it to stop saying cannot open but now the game just vanishes into the background until i click close again, then it seems it finished mission while in background or something. very frustrating, my specs are above what game allows, ive taken all progs i can find running that may cause it to minimize game but im at my whits end, at a point of just giving up and sending this game and purchased content to the background for good...


anyone have similar issues or inputs?

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