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'exe' file for Mig 21 could harm my PC?


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Please disregard this post, issue resolved.


Just logged into the DCS site and have started to download the DCS Mig21 and have run into a problem. Once I started to download it SmartScreen Filter is saying that the ‘exe’ file (to download the DCS Mig) is not commonly downloaded and is not signed by its author and could harm my PC’. Does everyone else get this warning as well? Is it okay to download/install material with this warning coming up? :helpsmilie:

Thanks for putting up with my noob question.


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Sorted out issue
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If you are in doubt, check hash value for downloaded file.


Proper hash for current installer is




Use some of the free tools to check it (e.g. http://www.winmd5.com/ ).


If the file origins from DCS site, you should have no worries.

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