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Potential ARC system trouble


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First of all, I'm loving this module so far and it's incredibly well-made. ;)



I ran into a problem during the ARC system training mission that I cannot quite determine whether it's a intentionally modelled problem with the ARC or its a bug.


I set up the ARC to follow #3 beacon and start flying in it's direction. I have a solid morse code signal and i keep around 3000m altitude. I do not reach the beacon though. The needle kept pointing ahead of me and didn't change its mind until I had reached the southern coast.


Looking at the map in the kneeboard I could see that I should have reached the beacon long ago. I tried resetting the beacon and now it started leading me inland, and so much off course that I didn't hit the trigger for having found the #3 beacon.


I found that when I aligned the Mig21 with the compas needle for the ARC, the needle would often "get stuck" and follow the planes changes in direction. That meant that I could drift as much as 20 degrees off course, and the needle would still say that I was going in the right direction.


Anyone else encountered this problem?

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Yep, I had this problem just now.


I selected sector 2-1 (its default anyway) and selected beacon no. 3. Heading needle (with circle) was pointing straight, even when I over flown the beacon.


After I cycled through few channels it started working again (pointing backward). After selecting beacon no. 5 (as instructed) needle was again pointing forward.


I was flying at ~3000m, and heard Morse code when channel 3 and 5 were selected.

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I also encountered this problem, during the ARC training mission. It tracked fine on sector 2/1 beacon 3, but once I overflew the beacon and switched to beacon 5 it pointed directly forward and stayed there even as I turned. Toggling to a different beacon and back a couple times fixed it, but it took me a bit to realize there was a problem at first. :S

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Same problem here.

Created a free flight in Mission editor. Sector 2/1.

-ARK powered

-ALtitude above 3000. Station within 120 km.

-RSzBN / ARK switched to ARK.

-Switched to ARK channel 3

-Morse code sound OK.

-Needle always pointing to the nose.... or doesn't correspond... or it is pointing to the correct direction but after it doesn't track the station...


This issues other ARK channels too.

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