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Canopy Ejection Pillars Not Shown on External Model


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Small bug, but I thought I would mention it.


On either side of the canopy are the ejection pillars (for lack of a better name) which extend when the canopy release is pulled. These pillars are not modeled in the external model, after the canopy has been released.

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And plus, I have a question about ejection: Can we eject while all system is off?

For example, I just took seat in my MiG-21, and without touching any switch (battery or all electric stuff) just for fun hit CTR+E, and I was ejected.


Is that normal?

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I think the seat must be armed first but other than that it should be an independent unit. Maybe DCS MiG21Bis has it armed already...


It is not a 0-0 seat but the decision is of the pilot when to eject or not.

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