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Gunsight On and Off Controls


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I know we have a switch to Power up and down the Gunsight...I know what this functionally does. However, there is also a control option for Gunsight On and Gunsight OFF....Gunsight On is LControl + LWIN+M and Gunsight Off is LShift+LWIN+M.


I tried to use these controls and mapped them to my Joystick, but non of these controls have any effect, nor could I find any switch or buttons to mouse click to effect an On / OFF condition for the Gunsight.


It seems to me that these options are there in error as it appears that when you do a start up sequence the Gunsight is turned on automatically, and Turned Off via shutdown.


Or the options were correctly put in the control listings, but are not implemented yet?


This is just confusing at the moment even if it has no great impact on my current use of weapons....


Can anyone clarify as to the Gunsight On/OFF functionality?

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The switch to the right of the gunsight is no longer the power switch for the whole sight.

It now powers the gyroscopes for lead calculation, much like the K-14 gunsight.


The working "Gunsight ON" and "... OFF" in the options currently is misleading indeed, yet was right up until some days ago.

More on that topic here.


Afaik what we have now is the correct functionality.




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