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Design and Systems Manual Chapter


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I'm looking for information about the general design and systems of the Mig21, that is :

details of the mechanical structure, schematics of hydraulics, fuel and electrical sytems, description of the engine and its features, and so on ....


With most others DCS modules all this information could be found in the manual ( see the "General design" Chapter of the A10C, Ka50 , Huey and other modules).



I really miss this information, without it, most sections of the manual don't make any sense !

Take for instance the start procedure, we are told to engage the current converter yet, we don't even know what is their role in the electrical systems.


Same goes for fuels pumps of the 1rd tank group and 3rd tank group: What are those tank group? where are they located ? and why don't we switch the 2nd tank group ?


And so on for most of the switches ...


What I love when learning a new aircraft is understanding what are the various systems of the aircraft and how they work together. When starting the aircraft I don't follow a cooking recipe, I would like what the switch I click on exactly do !


So, do you plan to add a section like this to the Manual ? if not, where can I get this information ?


thank you ( and sorry for my poor English ;) )

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No, I'd like more in-depth information. But I rather have the current manual then to have the Mi-8 manual... ;)

IIRC current manual is WIP and I'm sure we will see more info added and corrected.

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For Mig 21 SPS , basically the same as BIS only fuel quantity is different:


Tank 1 , Refuel

Tank 2 connected to Tank 3, Fuel Pump 10K Ltrs. per h

Tank 3 Feeder Tank, 18K Ltrs. per h , inverted flight pump

Tank 4 normal tank

Tank 5 Has 450l Signal in lower part

Tank 6 normal Tank


Lights :

700-1000L 1. Group

450- 500L 450L Left

250-350 L 3.Group

below that - Feeder Tank

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