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Unlimited Canopy Spawning


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Hi, pilots and Dev.

A FUNNY BUG occured when i played [instant action - cold start].


After closing canopy and then rearming some loads, the canopy open by it self.

(yes, it is according to its specifications.)

The canopy would not close though I tried hard to close that by pressing [RCtrl+C] repeatedly.

After that, I went to runway and take-off with the MiG-21bis ” open type ”.


when the plane went off the ground, the unlimited canopy spawning started !


...Unfortunately, I forgot taking replay.


It is not so reproducible bug, i think.

I tried reappearance of the bug several times, but all attempts ended in failure.





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Ahahaha! To see that myself, I can buy this module at the moment. :D

Could you upload a track? :)

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