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Manual: Custom Ground Controlled Interception unit creation process


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I have tried the "Custom Ground Controlled Interception unit creation process" as described in the manual (page 153ff). The goal is to make units available to other countries that don't have them in their arsenal (EWR units in this case). But I don't get this to work. After creating the template and adding it on the map, it will get assigned to the original country. Changing the country just before adding the template to the map, will remove the template from the list of available templates.


Somehow I have manged it to assign an EWR 55G6 site to USA but I can't reproduce it.


Does anybody know the trick how to accomplish this task? :helpsmilie:

DCS:A-10C / DCS:Ka-50 / DCS:UH-1H / DCS:Mig21bis / DCS:P-51D / DCS:Mi-8MTV2 / DCS:Fw190D9 / DCS:Bf109K4 / DCS:C-101EB / DCS:L-39C / DCS:F-5E / DCS:Spitfire LF Mk. IX / DCS:AJS37

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