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SU-25T: How to Increase Campaign Scores?


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After flying a typical campaign ("Georgian Oil War") mission, my score is like "30". I assume this means 30% success rate. How do get this increased? I expend all my weapons, knock out many targets, but there are so many targets out there, I would have to fly several sorties per mission (with refueling/rearming) to get them all.


The sorties are tiring, usually I'm capable of just 1 before I have to take a break, so flying multiple sorties probably isn't a good plan.

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Well, what bugs me the most with the georgian oil war campaign is that there are tons of missions that are almost identical to each other. Especially the five first ones. Plus it's quite common to destroy the right targets and in theory succeed the mission, but still not being able to progress in the campaign. This is how I found myself flying the same missions over and over again, even though I did the right stuff. Very annoying...


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TBH, until DCS does not provide a functioning, dynamic campaign generator like D.I.D. used to have in their titles almost 20 years ago I am not even trying to fly one of them, after reading all those posts. In that field, nothing changed much since Flanker 2.x.


Planning and creating a mission is also not that easy. You have to study the ME to get good results and constantly work on them as updates emerge. Not very productive when looking at the mass of pilots, for our sake some genius individuals know how to deal with ME and provide us with missions that are real cool when flown online ( 104th, 51st, WWII, etc.. 15+ players servers ).


In the long run, ED needs to invest not only in new modules but must also provide a trouble free underlying structure that stands at the same level as their AC and those from 3rd party developers.



I really love this sim and what I wish most is a better working ME and dynamic campaigns.




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I've never played a campaign that came with the sim or any module, but I don't think score is % based. You can always go into missions and edit the win condition yourself.


I find the campaign system in DCS a little limited. It has some potential, but it needs a few tweaks to reach it. The system as is only really works for linear campaigns or campaigns with very general and randomized missions. I understand that the point of moving back and forth through stages was to simulate a moving war front, but not being able to exclude specific missions from repeats can be reality breaking.


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