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Landing Seat Adjustment Checkbox ?


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Thanks "derelor" !


I've also been adjusting Seat Height (to see over the Nose better for Approach & Landing) using the key comoination:


RCtl + RShift + Num8(Up) or Num2(Down)


I'll have to try unchecking the Box and see how everything works without it.


Thanx Again !

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Auto Seat Height Adjustment for Landing


OK Gents - I got it !


I had the seat Height Adjust Check-Box checked all along but didn't even know it because it wasn't working until I toggled it Off and then back On.


Now I see exactly what it does - same this I was doing manually with RShift + RCtrl + Num8 for Seat Up !


The Landing Seat Adjustment gets elevates the Pilot so he can see the entire VVI Gauge (handy for judging descent rates), otherwise the Control Stick blocks the View. Additionally, the function help the pilot see over the nose of the Sabre to help keep the runway in sight during approach and landing.



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I have an issue with this option. If I elect the "Landing Seat adjustment" in the options, things work as advertised. But if I de-select it, the flaps do not raise or lower on the plane when in outside view or looking at the wings from the cockpit view. The flaps lever animation works and the assignmnet in "Controls" all show it working, but it definately does not visually. So, I fly with the "Landing Seat adjustment"" option selected. Belsimtek or DCS might want to check this out.

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