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Zoom axis - how to set 50% axis as default zoom?

Raven Morpheus

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I've currently got the zoom view axis set to one of the rotaries on my X52 Pro throttle.


However I've come across a slight annoyance that I'd like to solve.


Example -


I have the rotary at 50% (where the detent is), I start a mission with the UH-1H (or anything else really, doesn't matter if I use the A-10C, Ka-50 or UH-1H) and the view zooms out a little as normal when the mission starts.


If I then move the rotary on my throttle a tiny bit (I usually do to check it's working) the view zooms in again. But if I zoom out to 100% of the rotary's turn the view zooms out to a ridiculous point.


So, how do I make it so that 50% on the rotary is treated as exactly where the default view zoom is?


Thanks in advance.

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