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AI Harpoon-ery tomfoolery


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Earlier, I made a brief mission with 4 flights of 4 F/A-18C's striking a Kirov. The Kirov was moving straight West to East at 11 knots. The Hornets from the rough South inbound at 400 knots, 1200 off the deck.


The issue is the AI Hornets releasing both Harpoons simultaneously. This means that they become closer to one-another as they near the target. As a result, up to 60% of the missiles were intercepted by their partner missile, rather than CIWS or enemy fire!


Within 5 miles or so of the Kirov, the missiles collided with the damage log reading "AGM-84A Harpoon Hit 0", due to the collision.


Am I missing something in the waypoint-generation process, or is this a bug? I imagine they should drop with about a second between each shot ideally, to prevent this sort of issue.


I can attach a .miz file if there are issues reproducing the problem, or if I wasnt thorough enough :)

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