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DCS modding tool


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This is a modding tool for applying mods with less maintenance. It has functionality to replace text in files and inserting text, which can be used to add items to a lua-array or replace a single method within a file rather than patching the whole file.


There's also an input profile feature which can extract all DCS profiles from the saved games folder and put them in a <aircraft>.dcsinput.zip. All it does it does is to copy the files and removing guids (so it won't work with multiple devices of the same name).


These dcsinput-files can then be imported back into the saved games folder through the application.


I've attached my KA-50 profile for warthog hotas as an example. (it requires the input config mod to work properly though)


Download link


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It would be nice if you tell us how to use it in detail mate...

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Most mods only need to add/replace files and those are easiest created by either making a copy of a JSGME-mod into the DcsMods folder, renaming it to .dcsmod.zip and starting the application (it'll then be converted to another format so save the old file).


Another way of creating these mods is with the snapshot feature:


1) Hit "Take Snapshot" in the menu

2) Apply the mod manually

3) Hit "Create From Snapshot"

4) Enter a mod name

5) Click create



For text-mods, it's configured in the XML file in the zip-file root (the XML file is the mod and there can be several of them in one zip file). There's no GUI to help with this yet.


There's an example in the Templates-directory that looks like this:


    <Patch xsi:type="ReplaceTextPatch">
     <OldData>Old text in file</OldData>
     <NewData>New text in file</NewData>
   <Patch xsi:type="InsertTextPatch">
     <StartMarker>Insert below this line</StartMarker>
     <Data>Line to insert</Data>


The Patch-elements can be stacked multiple times if you need several text-patches for a mod. You can also look at the XML in "Input configuration mod.dcsmod.zip" for a real example, it's only using text-mods and no other file-patches at all.


Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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