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Wake up the crew?


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I'm playing 1.2.10. I've read that in older versions the crew wasn't still functional. Is that still the case?



The AI crew is functional, the co-pilot and the door gunners will shoot at things and sometimes even hit things.


You can also switch your position and take over the co-pilot or the door gunners and hopefully shoot better than the AIs.


What is not functional, yet, is the multiplayer multicrew feature where several players can take the different positions in a single helicopter.

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My bad.


I guess I'm doing something wrong then. I flew the embedded "Rebel base" mission yesterday and neither the copilot nor the door gunners fired a single shot:


I'm new to DCS, read most of the manual today and haven't find a thing about ordering crew. Maybe I'm missing something. I don't see any option to order the crew to engage. When interphone selector is on PVT, I 'm not having any option to order anything to the crew...


Any pointer would be appreciated.

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Thanks wolf, that was it.


For future reference:



|Display/Hide AI panel


|Change Copilot ROE


|Change Copilot Burst


|Change Left Gunner ROE


|Change Left Gunner Burst


|Change Right Gunner ROE


|Change Right Gunner Burst[/TABLE]

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