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Multiplayer "can't enter first" issue?


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I threw up a public practice range mission on a server, with 4 squadrons of MiG-21s - 3 x Red and 1 x Blue.


There's an odd issue in that the first time I try to enter a MiG-21, it won't let me - I just see the map.


The second MiG-21 I try and enter, no issue - although the plane I tried to first enter is sitting next to me, starting up, and it happily goes off on it's own as an AI plane.


This doesn't appear to be any specific plane, in any specific squadron - it just has to be the first one I try. Any MiG-21s after that, no issues.


I don't know if this is an issue with the MiG-21 or DCS (although this doesn't seem to happen with other missions and planes).

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