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Implement a Utility Programm for Reporting Errors


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Post a track!


Post the me.log and dcs.log!


Post the autoupdater_log.txt!


Post your dxdiag.txt!




It is getting tiring to ask for these all and every time someone has a technical problem.


What if we had a small utility which collects all the important files that are so valuable for diagnosing problems. Really simple, it just collects the files and puts them into a .zip file. Just a tiny GUI, one button, one Save File dialog, done.


Perhaps a minimum efford is needed for the collecting algorithm - so that a file missing does not ... well crash the utility and thus leading to even more frustration ... :o)


Include the files


  • me.log
  • me.log.old
  • dcs.log
  • dcs.log.old
  • *.crash (maybe selectable by the user via the time stamp? Or the last 5?)
  • *.dmp (maybe optional?)
  • autoupdater_log.txt
  • autoupdater_log_old.txt
  • LastMissionTrack.trk


Inform the user of what was collected and save the .zip.


I could make something like that on my own, but I think it should be an official (aka trustworthy) programm that is easy to find and start (DCS start menu entry? Or even starts automatically in case of a crash of DCS or of the autoupdater!?)

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