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New PC - How to load control from previous PC


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Hi, I was running a search on the forums without success.

I understand that the control configuration is stored under C:\Users\*\Saved Games\DCS

However, even when I copied and placed this folder in my new PC, the control mappings are not there in the game, I need to map everything again...


What am I doing wrong?



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The control setups are stored there and you copied them so that is good, after you copy them you need to load each column under each aircraft individually.

It won't read them correctly to start because they are stored by controller id in the file name, so if the controller has a different name, they won't load automatically.

Go into each aircraft and click in the column you want to load, and in the upper right there is a load profile button. That will pull up a window where you can select the .diff.lua you want to load. Make sure you select the one that was copied from your old controller. Also make sure you are in the right subdirectory for the aircraft you are setting the controls on.


The pic shows loading the controls for the UH-1 and notice the directory is /input/UH-1H/Joystick.


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