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Choice of aircraft and hot/cold start at start of mission?

Raven Morpheus

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I've got a mission I've made myself but it only contains 1 UH-1H placed at Batumi for a ramp start and I'd like to go further and add some of the other aircraft I currently have available to fly to the mission.


So, my questions are -


1. I think I know how to add different types of aircraft using plane or helicopter groups (I assume if you want lets say a Ka-50 and UH-1H to choose from I would add two helicopter groups of 1 helicopter each and set the skill level to Player?), but how do I make it so that I get the choice of aircraft at the beginning of the mission?


2. How do I set the mission to give a choice of hot or cold start, like for example the UH-1H Stray Eagle mission does?


Thanks in advance.

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Hey Raven,


1. You will have to set the skill level to client instead of player.


2. You will have to set the SP waypoint to 'starting from ramp' or some other option to force the user to perform a cold start or have the aircraft already running. (can't remember which option does what right now).


You will also want to name the group name (and unit) appropriately so that when a user joins your game, they will know which slot is a cold start.



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