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FPS Tweak Greb's Explosion Pack

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I've used ModMan5 to install Greb's Explosion Pack and i got this msg after instalation.

However, ModMan shows state of this mod as green.

Can someone confirm that this is allright or should i remove it ?


Also, i'm thinking of instaling FPS Tweak 2.0d 1.1.2. Should i use it alone without this EXPL.PACK or can i use both ?


cheers :)


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I still just stikcing with the overcast fps mod and the water fps mod from hawg11 . I really dont want to mess with those files any more than that.


These 2 mods can really make things fly. Ofcourse with good hardware too.



pm me your email if you want me to email them to you , they are small.

Asus P8Z68-V GEN3/ 2500k 4.4ghz / Corsair 64gb SSD Cache / Corsair 8g 1600 ddr3 / 2 x 320gb RE3 Raid 0 /Corsair 950w/ Zotac 560TI AMP 1gb / Zalman GS1200 case /G940/

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