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Looking for a SR71 video.


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I have been trying to find a video of a sr71 startup. I have read that it used to use 2 v8 engines as a start cart. I would love to see how that worked. I have tried a few google searches but no luck. Anyone know a vid, prefer no music.


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Not sure what you are looking for. I just did a quick search in Google.

I have not read much about the whole lunch sequence, but AFAIK, the V-8 where on Aerospace Ground Equipment ( A.G.E.) The way I understand, they basically generated air, to rotate the engine to idle speed, then Triethylborane was added to combustion chamber to ignite the JP-7.


At the beginning of the video you can see big "boxes" by the aircraft, one on each side, AFAIK, those where the "V-8" commonly mention.



I guess I was wrong, this site makes it sound like they where physically connected to the aircraft and later on pneumatic starting system was develop.



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Just a picture I took of the business end (at a museum). :)



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Krebs what do you want to know about it?

Do a search for SR-71 and Buick see what you come up with.


2 V8 Buicks {initially, until buick parts became scarce then they used large block chevy's}.


16 straight pipe exhaust, 600hp, they both drove a vertical shaft connected to the underside of the J58 to start the rotation until the lubricating oils inside the J58 reached 70degC, otherwise the J58 couldn't be rotated.


The reason for the Buicks was at the time they didn't have air starting carts that had a sufficient volume of air to tease the J58's, they eventually got some, which was nice, because... honestly, you're inside a hanger 2 V8's with straight pipes damn near redlining, the dB level inside that hanger.. ugh... The airstart carts were quieter.

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