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DCS: F-14A/A+/B by Heatblur Simulations coming to DCS World!


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I guarantee the next aircraft is the Grumman A6 Intruder.


If it was, that would be an amazing year for DCS. With Edge out this year and knowing both the F-18 and the F-14 are being made plus the Mirage 2000C. This is just an amazing year.

Thanks Cobra for taking on the F14.

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and what about second aircraft?


If I recall correctly Cobra only said they were announcing one for right now and, again IIRC, the one that was furthest along. So this is likely to be the only announcement for a bit, and it was a hell of an announcement.


I was only expecting one version, didn't realize we'd get both the A and B.

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I wouldn't fly it unless it was from a carrier...


Who would?


Nah, who am I kidding. It's one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built. Of course I'll fly it, with or without carrier ops. :thumbup:


It's just that... carrior ops with an F-14 in DCS, that would be like two dreams come true. :smartass:

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Very nice WIP pics. It's amazingly detailed and hopefully won't have to be toned down to run on our machines. I also appreciate that the other two planes won't be a pair of WW2 fighters. I'm not a fan of WW2 planes in DCS as I don't think DCS does them nearly as well as other CFS's do. So it's good to know that at least one of the two remaining will be more modern.

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One free theater with the aircraft! and two versions (don't know if they come together but we'll see) where can I pre purchase this aircraft!

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One day in DCS... Vipers will fly along side Tomcats... Bugs with Superbugs, Tiffy's with Tornado's, Fulcrums with Flankers and Mirage with Rafales...

:)The Future of DCS is a bright one:)


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AIM-54 Phoenix Simulation with a CFD based AFM


Does this mean that the Tomcat will have a PFM, but the actual Phoenix missiles will have an AFM? Or that the Tomcat will have a FM somewhere in the middle between an AFM and a PFM?

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Take my money!!!!!


And those renders are beautiful!!!!!


The question is... how many of us are going to be going to sleep humming danger zone?

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OOOOhhh, I wish I had the Alpha of a Hornet!

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