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No ground lighting / phantom mountains

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On my DCS installation, lights do not illuminate the ground ie, taxi light, landing lights, illumination flares - none of them light up the ground making them effectively useless. Screenshot attached.


Strangely, the trucks that light up the runways at night when you ask ATC to clear takeoff and landing do work.


Any ideas on what might be causing this and how to fix? :helpsmilie:


Key facts:

  • My graphics card is a GTX970 running latest drivers 347.52.

  • I'm running DCS on Steam.

  • Verify integrity of game cache - didn't fix the problem.


Also, I've found that when flying I get what I can only describe as phantom mountains - transparent textures that appear at high altitude / over water and look like the mirror image of the mountains below and on shore.


Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit | i7-4790K@4GHz | 8GB RAM | GTX970 347.52

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