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Can you play DLC planes less realistically?

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I know that the title is rather vague, but I don't know how to explain this in a sentence. So my problem is that I want to play the DLC planes (F-86, C-101, Mustang, etc.) without using all of the dials and switches, like the Flaming Cliffs 3 planes. If anyone knows, that would be great :)

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There is a game avionics mode. Most people on the forum probably don't know how it works though as sim mode is more popular. You can switch modes in the options.


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Enable Game Flight and Avionics mode in DCS options menu.



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It is worth noting that enabling Game Avionics will get you the simple commands and display shown in the video (and will use the Game mode in Options>Controls) while Game Flight alters only the flight/control characteristics of the aircraft (using the Sim mode in Options>Controls).

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It's worth noting that there is also a startup cheat option that will start the plane for you.


Call ground control and have a look. I saw it the other day on the 109.


But the sabre is about as easy as:


Call ground control for electrical power.

Set the main starter switch to on (or up)

Click the starter switch below it

Press home once, wait about 3 seconds

Press home again and wait for the engine to spool fully.


Takes about 1 min.


To be honest the mustang can be started in about 30 seconds once you know where the main switches. I still don't know what some of the stuff does, but I can shoot other planes down with all the planes.


I sound like nerd master race, but they're really not that hard once you do it right once or twice. I did the KA 50 the other month. First time was like 'holy hell', followed the tut and it seems so easy now!


Have fun though however you end up playing!

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As far as I know, all the planes in DCS have a auto start cheat command. Once running, they aren't any more complicated than FC3 planes with the exception of the A-10C. The Ka-50, for instance, has a nearly nearly identical procedure for firing a vihkr as the Su-25T. The only extra step is to turn master arm on. Other than that, it's the same. The WW2 and Korean stuff is even simpler. Since they lack targeting systems, it basically comes down to pull trigger to shoot, push button 2 for bombs/rockets. The gunsights have some extra features on them you can control, but you don't have to. In the Sabre I almost never uncage the sight, I find the fixed mode more accurate in combat.


And this is why no one bothers with game mode. The FC3 planes are already very close to full study sim. The only things missing are the radio, navigation system and startup procedure.

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