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Help - MiG-21bis Missions Disappeared


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After adding the MiG-15bis a couple weeks ago, I just now went back to crank up my MiG-21.


No MiG-21 Missions available in Instant Action, Fast Mission or Mission.


I can see the MiG-21bis Aircraft Folder and files in Windows Explorer.

I see the MiG-21 Module in Module Manager (Installed)


Any ideas of what got corrupted here and how to fix ?


Thanx !



Igor4U !

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Missing Modules


A Recent MiG-21 Patch broke the Module.

Can run an Updater Repair to fix:



Found This:


Recent patch broke Mig 21 module?




Missing Modules




Using DCS Updater to Update, Revert, Repair, or Install Modules





Open RUN Dialog Box: CMD



Press Enter.


The Prompt Should Change to C:\


Type: C:\...........Your Pathway to ........... \CD DCS World\bin\


Type: add "DCS_updater.exe repair" to the end of above line

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