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DCS DOTA (MP and SP mission)


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This is a dota style mission with single lane for MP and SP


Now updated with AI CAS and CAP units in version 0.2.0

version 0.2.1 fixed F10 interval setting


Every 3 minutes, new armor groups spawn and march on enemy base on a random path. There is no missile threat, only some Shilka. Pick your side, destroy enemy armor. When a ground group reaches enemy base, team score increases. There are also constant AI CAS and CAP flight spawns. Deny enemy flight missions to help ground forces.


Detailed information on battle flow:

4xT-55 : Spawns every 3 mins, marches enemy base on random path. (Changed T-72 with T-55 for less instant kills and more explosions)

1xShilka : Spawns every 15 mins, marches enemy base on random path.

1xA10C : Spawns every 12 mins 17nm behind armor units with 2xmk82 and rockets, performs CAS. Able to take out 4 vehicles if left unchecked.

1xF15C for blue, 1xSu27 for red: Spawns every 30 mins 30nm behind armor units with 4xAIM-9M or 4xR-73, performs CAP. Brings chaos to battlefield, good dogfights to watch and intervene.

Spawn intervals can be set with F10 menu. Changes are applied after next spawn.


Client slots:

2x4xA10C with 4xCBU97,4xMav for blue and red

2x4xKA50 with rockets and vikhr for blue and red

4xF15C with 4xAIM-9M for blue

4xSu27 with 4xR-73 for red

2x1xTactical commander for blue and red

2x2xObserver for blue and red

1xGame Master to watch :)


Download link


I wanted to rain down CBU-97s to moving targets and I wanted some randomness, so I made this. I hope you enjoy. I want to further balance and develop this, but don't I have too much time and I am not a good mission designer. If anyone interested in improving this, I can start a github project to make collaboration easier.


Special thanks to

Contributors of hoggit wiki

Author of MIST, Speed and Grimes

Author of Guardians of the Caucasus, MBot

For their comprehensive documentation and usage examples for the scripting engine.



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Thanks for doing this - looks interesting.


I'm keen to know how it would work in SP, though?


Is the AI set to fly aircraft that otherwise aren't player flown in SP?


Maybe I've not understood the concept properly from the map and description? Mind you, scoring won't really matter in SP, I suppose, and it'll give plenty of targets to hit - so that will be plenty for me :)


I'll give it a try later, though :thumbup:

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