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bent propeller blades


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today I killed one Bf`s engine during online game (was not AI) and I saw that his propeller blades, immediately after engine was stop by my fire, looked like after emer. landing without L/G, just bent.

and same "bug" happen when engine fail in some cases, according to experience one mate from CZ/SK forum (his question was about it, several days before)

picture bellow is his




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Does not take much gun damage from either ground fire or a Mustang, then the propeller auto-pitch / manual changeable pitch gets stuck in position. I always can go back to base rtb and land, but with significantly less power. When engine stops, the 3 bladed propeller is bent back over the nose cowl.


In the Mustang, usually the 1st damage that occurs is a no engine governor situation.


Have not yet had the problem in either plane that stopped the engine dead in flight from combat, except in the Bf-109, the keyboard "m" key, playing around with killing the engine in flight, if restarted too dramatically will kill the engine and stop propeller rotation dead.


Offline in SP, I do not like playing with the AI; it is just not very realistic, except it is a good reflex exercise. My encounters are real people, them sitting with their computers.

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