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previos waypoint selection in flaming cliffs 3


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Hello, I came by to report a minor bug I found, that affects flaming cliffs 3.


It was introduced in 1.2.15 alongside a new feature. According to the changelog for that versión:


Added previous waypoint selection with [LAlt + '~'].


If you press repeatedly the key combination, the assigned waypoint will jump to the previous one until you get to the starting waypoint, then it will jump to waypoint one, then to the starting waypoint, and so on. It jumps between starting point and waypoint 1.


The key to select the next waypoint [LCtlr + '~'] doesn’t behave like this, it cycles through all the waypoints, and when it gets to the destination waypoint, it then jumps to the starting waypoint.


If instead of cycling back through the waypoints, you do it through the airfields the problem doesn’t show up.

Flying is fantastic, but add a few missiles and explosions and it becomes addictive.



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