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Descent: Underground


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Did a search of the forums but nothing came up; with less than 2 weeks to go, just wondering what everyones thoughts are on this:



Big fan of the original and would love to see this happen.


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Where is Pyro GX? :(


Also, it seems to be multiplayer focused.:(


I was a fan of Descent 2 and 3. Descent 3 is just an amazing game. I have it, and I played it a year ago.


Graphic may seem dated, but not realy that much. Designs were awesome enough to stand the test of time and lightning effects are still nice.


The Descent 3 has amazing gameplay that always was very fluid and with tight controls and TONS of enemy types and weapons it was the game that one could play houndrets of times and not get bored.

I am not realy too happy about that MP focus. I wish they would focus on SP with COOP.

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Man i loved that series. Looking forward to what becomes of this. I hope they can come up with some better ship designs, though.

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