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1.2.16 USAF fighters do not guide AMRAAM


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While doing testing on AI dogfights, I noticed that the US F-15 and F-16's won't guide AMRAAM shots. They will shoot when their targets are in range, but the missiles will simply fly straight until their own radar finds something or they fall from the sky. The US F-18 is not affected by this and will use missiles as intended. I didn't test F-15/16 from other nations.


I do have a mission set up where this is repeatable, but I can't post it right now. The mission is simply 4 Excellent MiG-29S with AA-12 against 4 Excellent F-15 with AIM-120 C, about 50 miles apart. At ~30 miles, both groups shoot. The F-15's will dive and disperse to avoid R-77. The MiG's fly straight as the AMRAAM's aren't tracking them.


Skill level changes did not change the behavior, nor did changing the task assigned to the flights, their radar using behavior, or reaction to threat.

Awaiting: DCS F-15C

Win 10 i5-9600KF 4.6 GHz 64 GB RAM RTX2080Ti 11GB -- Win 7 64 i5-6600K 3.6 GHz 32 GB RAM GTX970 4GB -- A-10C, F-5E, Su-27, F-15C, F-14B, F-16C missions in User Files


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