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More ground unit types


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Was wondering if the DCS world developers will be adding more unit types? I know they are a small team and they're pretty much super busy with everything they are doing. However, there are a few gaps for some of the ground forces. Most noticeably in the US ground forces not to mention the infantry section in the game for both the USSR and the US.


The basic units are all there, what's needed to play the game as a flight combat simulator, but the game also has that ground forces component in the form of combined arms. It would be nice to see if this was complemented by some more units. The USSR side has a nice amount of units to its side but I can't really say the same for the US. While in real life the US doesn't have that many ground forces when compared to the USSR, they did have more units in real life than in the game that were a core part of their operations.


I got my inspiration for this post when playing Wargame: Red Dragon. While I'm not expecting DCS world to be like Wargame in terms of the variety of units involved, but it would be nice to see it fleshed out a bit. Would also like to mention that the USSR only has 3 types in the infantry section and the US only has two (not including anti-air). Some more infantry units would be nice: like special forces, anti-tank infantry units for the US, etc.


A minor issue really... but you gotta admit the added immersion effect of adding more units would be welcome.

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