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HAWK flaps

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yesterday i bought the Hawk and when i setup my controls, i noticed, that i couldn't find the keys for the flaps in the setup. The only thing i founds is the flaps-slots for the joystick.


it would be nice someone can help me or i'm so dumb to find it :)




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Having recently purchased the Hawk I also had a heck of a job getting the flaps to operate! I found that the keyboard input lua file has key bindings for the Next Flap Detent & Prev Flap Detent of the F6 & F7 keys, which are view keys used by the core sim engine. I couldn't get the flaps to operate at all until I changed these key bindings to something else (I went for LCTL + LSHFT + F6/F7).


I appreciate this is a WIP, but it seems like a tiny fix that will make jumping into the aircraft and getting up in the air a lot easier for new owners of the Hawk. Or is it just me that had this problem?


My initial impressions are that she's a real beaut of a plane, looks gorgeous. The handling seems a little bit iffy, too easy, but then it is a trainer, so perhaps that's accurate? I'm used to having to work pretty hard in most DCS aircraft I guess. I'm looking forward to the EFM being finished to see how it handles then. Landing, and coming to a halt felt particularly artificial to me, but I've only had a couple of quick blasts of instant action so far, so early days.


Keep up the good work! :)

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