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icontrol for ipad problem

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I just purchased icontrol for the ipad and I have two problems with this program. Does anyone know how to get this setup where I don't see the displays for the MFCD's & CDU on my monitor? I don't see the point of them showing on my monitor aswell as on my ipad and they are nothing but a distraction been on the monitor. I have tried hiding them by unticking them in the icontrol setup, but then they also disappear of my ipad aswell.


The other problem is on the ipad cdu display, I can see windows in the background instead of it been on a black back ground Has anyone else had this and how did they fix it?

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yes I had both in but the problem is, the software captures specific parts of your screen. If you want it to work, just set cockpit display to 1 instead of icontrol profile in options inside DCS (normal profile). you will still have useable buttons on UFC, MFCD, and CDU as well as autopilot and radios and warning panel, but won't see them in cockpit view and should be normal.


you might want to also move the dimensions X and Y and positions Z,A coordinates far off display area (maybe set coordinates to - 2 times your screen resolution).


Let me know if that sorted it.

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