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Video Tutorial: Weapons systems.

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I got tired of being confused by the weapons system on the MI-8. So I decided to make a video tutorial of how to use them. :huh:


More info can be found on page 197 of the DCS mi-8 flight manual.



I am rubbish at aiming, you're on your own for learning to use the sight properly. :)


Comments and questions are always appreciated.

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Practice makes perfect.

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I'd say referring to UPK pods as "machine gun pods" is mighty disrespectful for UPK pods :D. They're armed with GSh-23 cannons (the same type as on MiG-21), being second most deadly weapon against lightly armoured targets after those S-8 rockets (and maybe bombs If You manage to actually hit anything with them ;) ). For example, You wouldn't call M-61 Vulcan a "machine gun", would You?


Otherwise, I still enjoyed watching these vids!

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