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No Rudders No Brakes

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Greetings All,

I am trying without success to bind (assign? I never know the correct term) my CH Pro Pedals to the TF-51 and the F-86.

The "Controller" screen sees that the Pedals are plugged in but I cannot figure out how to assign the brakes or rudders. I am trying to avoid the Control Manger whenever possible.:cry:

Also, when I have finally been able to do this, must each individual aircraft have a profile associated with it? I have tried to save other buttons (eg. on the Fighterstick) but have not been able to figure out the correct way to do this either.

Sorry to be so clumsy but any help would be appreciated. I am beginning to think that flight sims these days are just to complicated for to figure out on my own without detailed guidance.

Many thanks,

Steve :joystick:

It is always best to not fly too fast or fly too slow. So I fly half fast. :D

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