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Challenger 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification Campaign

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Maple Flag Missions is pleased to announce that we have released our newest campaign:

Challenger 2 Basic Vehicle Qualification.


Teaser Video:



This is a 10 mission campaign (with 1 introduction mission) that covers the following:


1. Land Navigation and Map Reading

2. Vehicle Navigation Day

3. Vehicle Navigation Night

4. Stationary Target Engagement Day

5. Stationary Target Engagement Night

6. Moving Target Engagement Day

7. Moving Target Engagement Night

8. Combat Formation Driving Test Day

9. Combat Proficiency Test Day

10. Combat Proficiency Test Night


We also provide 2 documentation packages with the campaign. One covering the maps and diagrams provided in the campaign. The other providing the qualification badge, certificate and user bars.


This is a payware campaign ($4.99 USD) and you can purchase the mission keys from our website here. Select the "Combined Arms, Tanks, Challenger 2" page.


Download packages are available here:


Challenger 2 Basic Vehicle Training Qualification

Challenger 2 Documentation Package

Challenger 2 User Bar, Badge and Certificate


Also note that since there is no CA Campaign tab we have placed the files in the SU-25T Campaign folder (as well as the Combined Arms Campaign Folder in the event a CA Campaign tab is created at some future point).


You can play the missions as a campaign from the SU-25T tab or play them as individual missions by locating the Combined Arms Campaign folder.


Since this is our first Challenger 2 CA campaign we look forward to feedback from users to improve it.



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