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FaceTrackNoIR Inconsistent Issue


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I had posted a couple of other threads regarding my ventures into FactrackNoIR with a DIY LED build. This will be my last thread before I give up.


Have a DIY LED setup and am using FacetrackNoIR with Pointtracker and the EWS filtering. Runs FLAWLESS on my WWII planes and the F-15C. The only remaining problem is A-10C.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it is wonky, sometimes it is perfect. Almost always have to invert the roll each time I start and run it. It is just all around inconsistent with A-10C which is the main reason I wanted a trackIR. Generally, I can get it working with a few loads but I can't find the pattern. Don't think there is one.


Followed all of the instructions online. Have latest version of FacetrackNoIR and have the 64bit fix. All loaded where it should be. Like I said, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Getting frustrated and my skills and Google-fu are running out. About to give up on A-10, which sucks because FacetrackNoIR works with everything else.


Thanks for any help.


I included some snips below, because everybody likes pics!

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