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CH Products Control Manager concerning Mapped Mode - Question


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I usually create profiles for my DCS, and later, DCSW aircraft I have purchased using Ch Products Control Manager in Direct Mode. In Direct Mode I have 3 separate controllers of Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Pedals within the DCS Options/Controls setup page. I load the Control Manager in Direct Mode, then after it accepts the .map, I select Direct Mode.


Using the CH Products Control Manager's MAP_WIZARD when I initially setup my .map profile I do so NOT to combine my controllers as one controller only. Yet, in MY profiles I only get one controller showing, in Mapped Mode within DCS Options/Controls. In Direct Mode I have the 3 controllers showing and I have no problem assigning buttons as necessary.


Using Mapped Mode allows me to instead program in various ways multiple assignments on the same key, such as one button allowing to turn it on or off using the SHIFT command or 3 or more ways using MODES.


I also use other people's profiles. Two are created by Crunch for the Ka-50 and FC2/FC3 various aircraft. I use Konkussion's for the A-10C. All 3 profiles allow 3 controllers to be used in Map Mode.


I currently want to make a Mapped Mode profile for the Mi-8 using the SHIFT command for my 3 controllers.


Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong so I can allow the 3 controllers use using Map Mode?

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