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PVP F-51 Mustang vs Mig-15bis Fagot video


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This video is a recording of a dogfight I had with a guy on a Korean War Server. The guy seemed to want to be very chivalrous with me. He fired off flares and actually turned on his lights.

I think he did this, so I would not lose sight of his machine. He was very polite. At the end of the dogfight we exchanged salutes and all, very old school. I am from a WW1 flight sim background, so I like old school. =)


Since the Fagot is faster than the Mustang, my approach was to find ways to close the distance by way of selecting a relatively shorter path of travel, to get to wherever I thought the Fagot would be at a future point in time. I tried to get the Fagot to increase it's path of travel, by firing at the Fagot, even when I was not even able to hit it. I wanted the Fagot to try to evade in ways that would let the Mustang close the distance.



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