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Navigation/autopilot/waypoints of the F-15C


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Hello :)


How can i follow waypoints in the F15?

The only feautering autopilot is attitude hold and altitude hold.

The attitude hold button is working, but the altitude button does not work.


When im on a mission in the campaign, i do not know how to follow waypoints.


Anyone who can help or teach me please? :)

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:D Export the Keyboard to HTML for Excel or Open Office and read / search in the manual



"1" Navigation-Mode

"LCtrl - `" Next Waypoint, Airfield Or Target


"H"; "LAlt - 2" Autopilot - Altitude Hold

"A"; "LAlt - 1" Autopilot - Attitude Hold

"LAlt - 9" Autopilot Disengage



\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Flaming Cliffs\Doc\F-15C DCS Flaming Cliffs Flight Manual EN.pdf


Page 140


Step 1

Select NAV mode as indicated in the bottom right corner of the HUD [1].

Step 2

Cycle navigation waypoint [LCtrl-`] as indicated in lower right corner of the HUD.

Step 3

Fly to align the velocity vector on the HUD with the bank steering indicator to reach the selected waypoint.

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Hey Spiff.

Your best bet is to use the HSI, the HUD elements are a little buggy at present.


The dot around the perimeter of the HSI shows the direct path to your selected waypoint, the sectioned needle in the center shows your position relative to your programmed course line. If you don't care about the course line, just put that big dot at your 12 and you're good to go.


To fly along your prescribed flight path, select your waypoint and towards the center of the needle. When the needle becomes a solid line, turn towards the dot.


You should now have a nice, straight vertical line in the HSI, with the dot at the top, and you're on course!

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Do i haft to change waypoints when i get to one, to get to the new wapt?

Or does it do that automatic?


I got one waypoint at the hud and hsi, but when i reached it, it just jump to waypoint back to the airport where i was coming from.

And the altitude button doesnt work, just the atittude button.

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Hey Spiff.

If you pass very close to a waypoint (I believe it's around 1/4 mile) your navigation system will automatically cycle to the next waypoint.


If don't tag the waypoint and trigger the automatic switch, you can still manually cycle to the next one; you're basically on course so no harm done.

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