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The Finer Points of FacetrackNoIR and Point Tracker


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As some of you may or may not have noticed, a few weeks ago I built an LED headset and got it working with my webcam and FacetrackNoIr.


I was pretty proud of myself. After some initial headaches I got it working and have been using it regularly. Been pleased with it so far.


But there are some 'finer points' I haven't figured out. This brings me to my question(s).


What can I do to prevent re-calibrating every time I sit down, scoot in my chair, or bump my headset?? This isn't a question of deadzones (I think). I have it all setup just how I like it. It just seems like I have to sit in the EXACT same place, same way, and hold my head the same each time I use it or I have to recalibrate. Some times I find myself doing it a few times in session as I adjust myself in my seat. Is this just a shortcoming of FacetrackNoIr or would I have the same problem with a full on commercial tracking system?? The one I am most concerned about is my 'zoom'. I constantly adjust in or out to get myself seated in the cockpit just right. Is this where programming a cockpit zoom in/out comes in (I see it mentioned a bit here on the forums)?

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