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Progress Update #1


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Dear DCS Simmers,


some progress on the Pilot which was made by our 3D-Artist Sven.

We will give you more WIP as soon we have some nice shots, as always :thumbup:





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Hi guys.


Here is a little update of the pilot. The last 2 days I worked on the facial texture. I think right now I have hit the right color tone and placed the first basic color blocking of the helmet.


Next step, details on the helmet and at last the mic.


After that is done I will add some ageing and scratches to the objects.

In basic you see there the internal view, which will be used for the external too, so the textures will stay the same and only be reduced in scale so it does not hit the gpu to much.





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He needs a shave. Nice work.


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Little update



it is not done to 100%. I had to fake a reflection, cause we can not add a reflect mat as glas would reflect. plus the battery needs an update.


Awesome...but as his commander, I would advise him to shave that caterpillar off of his upper lip...:thumbup:


229th battalion, 1st Cavalry

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Very nice indeed.

HP G2 Reverb, Windows 10 VR settings: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, G2 reset to 60Hz refresh rate as standard. OpenXR user, Open XR tool kit disabled. Open XR was a massive upgrade for me.

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Vaicom user. Thrustmaster warthog user. MFG pedals with damper upgrade.... and what an upgrade! Total controls Apache MPDs set to virtual Reality height with brail enhancements to ensure 100% button activation in VR.. Simshaker Jet Pro vibration seat.. Uses data from DCS not sound.... you know when you are dropping into VRS with this bad boy.

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well we thought about what could we do different. Fragger and I decided, give him a beard, cause everybody can do without :-)

and he gets a little frensh touch. At my workingplace, 85% of the frensh guys do have some sort of hair in their face, from a talibeard to 5 uncut undefined pieces of something underneath thier nose.


The weapon system officier probably will have some hair too. Will see.

What is sure, both will have a different face :-)



The iris could even be bigger in RL then what you see or way smaller. In a cg video I probably would animate the iris as the visor goes up and it would get smaller. But as this is just a test for texturecolor, do the animations look crappy and the iris is going to stay as it is. What I added though is a fake reflection to the eye, cause alot of people forget about such a little detail and wonder why in the end it looks just not right ;-)

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About the animations, this is not the final result. It is still WIP as we just thought to give you a little update on some progress.

We have many thoughts on animations for the pilot too. For now we have no final decision on the pilot animations in total but you can expect some basis animation.

We will test for sure, what will be able to be produced and then decide what we can include into the modul.




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Little update on the last 3d unit that need to be done within the next few weeks.


The head of the fist pilot, including the complete helmet is done. I decided, thanks to some real world pilots, to improve the helmet a bit and give you guys the opportunity to put your own squad badge on the helmet. This might be interesting for squadrons.


The picture shows some texture and notmal work that has been done already. I hope to finish the mainbody area this week and proceed to the combat vest.


So you see, alot of stuff left.

At the moment we focus to get that one pilot finfished so we can place it into the helo soon.


The final will have to different pilots. Pilot in command and the weapons operator.





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