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Should VUAF launch a forum?


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This post is mainly tailored towards virtual aerobatics enthusiasts alongside those who are interested in airshows, virtual and real. You may have seen the Virtual United Air Festival up on the ED forums lately as we are in the planning for our 2015 show. You can get all the information (including confirmed performers / VUAF history + staff vacancies) on our website and facebook.





We are aware that there are multiple forums open around the virtual aviation / DCS community, some that are used more frequently than others. We have created a forum in the past, which we didn't focus on very much . If we were to focus on and maintain a forum, would you actively use it? If so, what would you like to share on the forum? It would be dedicated towards aerobatics and would allow teams to recruit pilots and also let other virtual airshows share their ideas. Let us know by posting on this thread! Would you use a VUAF forum?


Tell us here! If you aren't interested, simply click the appropriate voting option or leave the survey. - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CM9868C

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