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Load multiple Export.Lua?


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Hey guys. I have an interesting problem.

I'm using ergn's DCCSTAD


as well as this A-10C DCU


Because I fly both the F-15C and the A-10C.

The problem is, if I put both the CDU and DCSTAD stuff in one Export.lua, It breaks DCSTAD.


Is there a way I can have 2 different lua's, each called when I load one aircraft?

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If both Export.lua files are written in a way that plays nice with others (i.e. check for previous callback functions, save them in a variable, and call them from your own callback functions instead of simply redefining the callback function), this should work.


The Export.lua file from DCSTAD looks like it does this, so I assume that the A-10C CDU thing does not play nice (I couldn't locate its Export.lua file to check since I don't speak whatever language that site is written in and Google Translate was no help either).


Try putting the Export.lua code for the A-10C CDU first and the DCSTAD code after that. That way, the A-10C CDU does not overwrite any existing callbacks and the DCSTAD code will notice and remember the A-10C CDU callbacks and make sure they get called.


In other words, you can have a single Export.lua file that does not play nice as long as it gets to go first.

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