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Missions not loading.


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Any help very much appreciated with this please.


I have just re-installed DCS World with A10 and CA this morning.

Totally new computer AND DCS. Clean environment and drivers up to date.


Other games run fine.


I CAN load a training mission if I Alt-Tab out after it loads. This brings me to cockpit and everything works WELL.


HOWEVER, if I make a mission (literally just an A10 ready to land) the game freezes at the yellow "loading" screen.


When the training works, the screen flickers and loads up the SIM part of the game.

This doesn't happen from missions. I have to end task from task manager and the game asks if I want to quit. I even loaded a training mission from within the editor and it hung. Went back to training and it loaded! :huh:


The ONLY variable I HAVE changed is that I have moved saved games from my SSD (C: ) to my storage drive (F: ). Although I notice the training missions are stored in the games drive (in my case the gaming SSD d: ).


Any ideas? Many thanks.


Edit 1:

Loaded a training mission from within the editor - DIDN'T edit it and it loaded after alt-tabbing out. Saved it as... to the A10 folder a few levels up and it hung again.

Edit 2:

Loaded up unguided bombs training, moved a target and saved. This also worked.......

Made a NEW missions and saved it in the training folder............WON'T LOAD.


Highly interesting as we know there is going to be an UBER simple solution!!!!!

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can you attach the mission here to see if we can reproduce.


your saved games folder should be on your os hard drive, that is where dcs will look for it, as far as I understand


like this C:\Users\BIGNEWY\Saved Games\DCS

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Many thanks.

It would appear that running my AMD 290 I need to run the game (NOT) full screen.


So far I have edited training missions and now I have created a new mission from a training one and it works.


WINDOWED mode for me is the answer if ever anyone else gets this.

Maybe I should have put full specs in!

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