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HSI, yellow arrow move alone by night, bug ?


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Hello I have a question concerning the yellow arrow of the HSI...

I don't know why but the night and at 6am, 7am this yellow arrow move alone.

At 8am she don't move, please can you tell me why if it's one bug or normal ?

Why this yellow arrow move alone the night and not the day ?


Here I join you one little video of this phenomen:


With this video I've just switch ON:

Battery 1

Battery 2





INU Heat

INU Power





I don't have installed the last upgrade...


In advance a great thanks for all, Skull.

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No because it's the same situation, by night as by day I'm a rampstart from Kutaisi.

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A quote from Wikipedia:


"Night effect: radio waves reflected back by the ionosphere can cause signal strength fluctuations 30 to 60 nautical miles (54 to 108 km) from the transmitter, especially just before sunrise and just after sunset (more common on frequencies above 350 kHz) Because the returning sky waves travel over a different path, they have a different phase from the ground wave. This has the effect of suppressing or displacing the aerial signal, in a random manner. The needle on the indicator will start wandering. The indication will be most erratic during twilight at dusk and dawn."



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